We offer a wide variety of Neck options. We offer just about every type of neck spec out there. Check out all of our different Neck options below: 

*Neck Custom Order – Our Neck Custom Order includes a custom made to your specs USACG brand neck or MJT Musikraft brand neck.  The MJT Musikraft brand neck will have our distinct MJT headstock and MJT decal installed. The Custom Order neck (including the option of you supplying your own neck) includes aged tuners installed, aged string tree (uninstalled) and pre slotted bone nut (uninstalled). On your neck, you will choose the style of back aging, fret board aging (maple board necks only) and headstock aging/checking.

Due to trademark laws we recently became aware of, we will no longer sell/supply Fender licensed necks. However, we can still finish and age a Fender licensed neck that you supply us from the supplier of your choice (Musikraft, Allparts, Warmoth, etc). All of these companies will drop ship your neck directly to us and we can finish/age the neck as part of your order.  Musikraft will offer a 10% discount on any of their products if you have them dropped shipped directly to us.  Email us on how to get the 10% discount with Musikraft, or if you have any questions on you supplying your own neck. 
MJT Price - $475 w/USACG neck; $385 w/MJT MK neck; $235 w/you supplying your own neck

*Bass Neck Custom Order –We offer custom order Bass necks from USACG and MK as well, or you can send us a Bass neck from the supplier of your choice (see above) for finishing/aging . Email us with requests and for prices.  


-Shipping price will be added to each order. An aged Tweed Case can be added to any order for $225-


*Neck Hardware – We offer all Neck aged hardware pieces. Email us for prices and with your requests. 

We offer just about any neck spec option you can think of, or can lead you to the supplier who can make a neck with the specs you want, then send it to us for the finishing and aging. We also offer left handed models of all of the products above. Email us for prices and with your requests.